Selling toys

The toys that you make from Fuzzy Mitten™ patterns are yours, and you are free to do with them whatever you like. I don't mind if you sell your creations — in fact, it's totally encouraged! There's only a couple of small caveats:

If you're making and selling toys made from Fuzzy Mitten patterns, feel free to drop me a line, so I can mention it on my blog!

Sharing patterns

Feel free to share the patterns among your friends, too! All of the following is perfectly fine with me:

Everyone does that already, so please do not feel guilty if you have done it before. ;) Most of that falls under fair use, anyway.

However, I would ask you not to do any of the following:

Basically, we ask that you treat our patterns as you would pictures of your kids. Perfectly fine to share them with your close friends, but you probably wouldn't give them out to total strangers on the street. :)

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